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Tyger by SF Said

Adult Fiction | Children's Fiction

Tyger by SF Said

🐅 Have you see the fantastic Tyger by SF Said? It’s a beautifully illustrated novel for middle-grade readers (and grown-ups too, children’s books are for everyone!). 

Tyger is set in a dystopian 21st Century London, still part of an Empire, where anyone labelled as ‘other’ is sent to live in a ghetto. Our hero, Adam, lives in such a ghetto and, while out on a delivery, finds a wounded tyger – a mysterious, mystical, magical animal – who needs help. Adam and his friend Zadie are determined to come to the rescue but it isn’t just the tyger’s life that’s at stake. Their whole world is on the verge of destruction. Can they learn to use their powers before it’s too late? 

We’ve got a beautiful, limited edition signed print to give away with this book, but only one! Tyger is destined to be a classic and the book is stunning 😍

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