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Children’s Book Reading
Monday 25th October

Come and join us

Monday 25th October

Coming up in half term!

📚Local author @johanneleeauthor will be returning to hold readings of her new book, Maximus the Humpback Whale.

🐳This lovely book helps highlight the plight of the sea life in our oceans. Maximus is a humpback whale. He is beautiful even though his fluke is a bit in the plain side. BUT he is a curious whale and that is going to put him in peril. Will Maximus be saved?

Readings will take place on Monday 25th October upstairs in our children’s book room.

⏰12.30, 12.55 and 1.20pm.  No need to book , although crowded for a reading we may ask you to pop back for the next one.

Hope to see you and your little ones there!

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